Our debt resolution program dubbed The Citizens Solution is designed with your financial needs in mind. Our expert debt negotiators represent you taking actionable and aggressive steps to reduce your unsecured debt balance for a fraction of what you owe. The Citizens Solution is a simple yet effective step by step approach to achieve your goal of a debt free future.

If you would like insight into exploring the different debt relief options available to you, give us a call and one of our expert debt specialists will happily answer any questions you have.

Industry Experience

Our debt specialists are experts and come to us with years of experience.

Your Team

Leverage the best minds in the industry to resolve your debt.


We work directly with your creditors to ensure you receive the best possible repayment terms.

Solutions That Work

The Citizens Solution is the perfect way to efficiently resolve your debt.

Maximize Savings

Start saving your hard earned money with our flexible program terms.

The Citizens Solution

Enroll in our Program: Call us or fill out our form to work with a personally assigned debt specialist for a free consultation. With your approval, your personal debt specialist will lay out your finances and credit history to see if you are eligible for The Citizens Solution. There is no risk or obligation to you as we do not charge any fees until we successfully reduce your enrolled debt. Once you qualify for the program and sign an electronic enrollment agreement, we can move to step 2.
Build Your Savings: Your personal debt specialist will work with you in designing a monthly payment plan designed with your budget needs and goals in mind. Your monthly payments will be deposited into your personal trust account with Reliant Account management. Reliant Account Management is an FDIC insured savings account provider and acts as a link between you, your creditors and Citizens Debt Relief. During your program, you have complete control over your trust account and its funds.
Creditor Communication: Citizens Debt Relief will notify your creditors that you are enrolled in our debt relief program and are proactively working to pay off your debt. This communication is important because it establishes a working relationship with your creditors and makes reaching new payback terms much more efficient.
Debt Reduction: After you have saved sufficient funds in your trust account, our team of negotiation specialists will contact your creditors to reduce your balances and reach a settlement. Our relationships with large credit institutions are strong. By pooling your debt together with other client debt, we have the power of numbers working for you which ultimately allows us to achieve debt reductions quickly. Every time a settlement agreement is reached, you will be notified. Our debt negotiations specialists typically reach debt reductions for 40-60% of the original debt amount.
Graduation: Your debts will be reduced one by one as we reach agreements with your creditors. As this happens, Citizens will transfer the appropriate funds from your FDIC insured trust account to your creditors to satisfy the debt. This step repeats until all of your enrolled debt has been reduced and paid off at which point, you will have graduated from The Citizens Solution.

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